MAHC 2017

Youth Project

  The Maine Acadian Heritage Council, an organization in the St. John Valley dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of the local history and culture  of Maine's Acadians,  has again hired youth to document traditional songs, foods, stories, medicine, and examples of transmitted arts such as making snowshoes, catalognes, couvertes défaites, braided rugs, hooked rugs and braided palm leaves.   Anna Faucher and Aspen Côté were hired for the summer of 2017.

The project is a collaboration between the Council and its sponsoring body, the National Park Service.

The project may be reached by calling 207-728-6826 or through e-mail at


Thank you to                           at the Madawaska Middle High School for filming and producing the You Tube videos below.  Click to view!

Preserving Acadian Culture, Language, and History in the St. John Valley

Pour préserver la culture, la langue, et l'histoire des Acadiennes et Acadiens de la vallée du

Haut St-Jean


MAHC gratefully acknowledges the generous financial support of our partner


Maine Acadian Heritage Coucil

Conseil d'héritage

acadien du Maine