Preserving Acadian Culture, Language, and History in the St. John Valley

Pour préserver la culture, la langue, et l'histoire des Acadiennes et Acadiens de la vallée du

Haut St-Jean

The Maine Acadian Heritage Council, in partnership with the National Park Service, is pleased to award Trail Guide Grants to its

St. John Valley historic and cultural sites. This year, the MAHC is providing $25,900 to help pay for trail guides' wages. Here is the amount awarded to each site:

Cyr Plantation - $1000.00
Héritage Vivant/Acadian Village - $3617.50
Madawaska Historical Society - $3017.50
Association culturel et historique du Mont Carmel - $2500.00
Allagash Historical Society - $2197.50
St. Francis Historical Society - $2197.50
Ste. Agathe Historical Society - $3217.50
Greater Grand Isle Area Historical Society - $2817.50
Frenchville Historical Society - $1917.50

Greater Area Ft. Kent Historical Society - $3417.50

Discovering Our Roots Project

Projet Découvrons nos racines

  The Maine Acadian Heritage Council, an organization in the St. John Valley dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of the local history and culture  of Maine's Acadians, is conducting an oral history project over the course of the summer, 2016. The project is a collaboration between the Council and its sponsoring body, the United States National Park Service.

Researchers on the project will focus on the traditional arts of the St. John Valley,and how those arts are expressed and practiced in language and culture from within the community to which they belong. Traditional arts include such things as weaving, cooking, medicinal uses of plants, music and song, among many other artistic traditions and practices within everyday life. Subjects will be encouraged to express themselves in "Valley French" the common everyday language of their lives. The project is also charged with formulating ways to engage the youth of the Valley to stimulate interest in local history and culture.

Anyone who knows these arts or who may know someone who has this knowledge is encouraged to contact the project liason, Ken Theriault Jr. at 728-3606 or 895-3734. The project may be reached through e-mail at


Maine Acadian Heritage Coucil

Conseil d'héritage

acadien du Maine

MAHC gratefully acknowledges the generous financial support of our partner